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Hi there!

Welcome to the Epic Pro Wrestling Adventure!

What is this blog?
This blog is all about the crazy world of professional wrestling. What you will find will mostly be reviews but there may also be some commentary and other things thrown in from time to time. What will be reviewing? Pretty much anything we can come across. From the mainstream to the obscure, we'll cover it here.

Who are you guys?
This blog is authored by two long-time pro wrestling fans, Adam and Geo. We both used to write reviews elsewhere online but left that a few years ago. Now, we're starting fresh. We'll be reviewing stuff from not only our own personal collections, but also things we come across on YouTube, DVDs we get from the local library, and lots of other stuff.

How often will this blog be updated?
Ideally, this blog will be updated every few days. However, we both have full time jobs outside of this blog and families as well. Those take priority over this.

What is the main goal of this blog?
The goal of this blog is to have some fun with the crazy thing known as pro wrestling. If you like and enjoy what you read here, then we've accomplished our mission. There are wrestling reviews in every corner of the internet, mostly using star ratings and play-by-play match review format. We won't be doing that. Sure, we'll talk about what happened in the match, but it won't be on a play-by-play basis. We'll give out star ratings where appropriate, but it won't be all the time, because honestly how fairly can you judge a TV squash match with a star rating?

How do I contact you? Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
Follow us on Twitter @epicprowres ... if you want to drop us a line, use the handy dandy comment box at the top of the page.

Any closing thoughts?
Yes, we're just two long time fans giving our opinions on pro wrestling ... no snark, no star ratings, no preconceived notions ... just some fun.

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