Sunday, October 9, 2016

WWE No Mercy 2016 Review

Somehow it is already October, so it's No Mercy time. I've been enjoying the brand split very much. Let's see how the "A" show fairs. The pre-show match was fun mix of highspots and energy. I really love American Alpha, talk about a breath of fresh air. Let's get to the main show. Oh right, something something Curt Hawkins something.

Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Title - AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena: ****1/4

Right. Off. The. Bat. The action started in and didn't stop this entire match. Ambrose really brought it here, which is something he has been needing to do since losing the belt. AJ is, of course, bumping like crazy for the match; however, not to be ousted by Big Match John. JBL really wants you to know he came up with that, by the way. Notable spots include AJ's forearm over the top rope to Cena's jaw, Cena nailing power moves like a double german and a double AA. Dean got the shit kicked out of him throughout this, though he did get some wacky licks in here or there -- really though, Dean's character needs to be tougher, darker, and more anti-authority instead of a wacky guy that everyone likes... kind of like a college room mate. Overall, really solid outing on display here. Dean an John both tapped out AJ simultaneously, causing confusion, leading to AJ's dirty win by pinning Cena after a chair-shot. Crowd killed it here too. I'm writing this live, so I'm assuming the crowd will be mostly dead during the next match. Shit was nuts.

Singles Match - Nikki Bella vs. Carmela: **

Yup. Dead crowd for the most part. I liked Nikki's display of power here. She has proven to me with a lot of her work in the ring that she's not just around for looks. Overall, Nikki got some nice shots in throughout, not bad, but not actively good.

Tag Team Match - Heath Slater and Rhino (WWE Tag Team Champions) vs. The Usos: **3/4

Have I mentioned how much I like the new Usos character? Also, Heath's development in character has been improved exponentially. Heath's got kids! Overall match was fair, but the real story here is lookin3.g at all these guys. They've all really been getting pushed lately, and the development of all of them have been awesome: The Usos changing attitudes to something more sinister after feeling unappreciated. Rhino coming back again for another run (insert line about political agendas) and Heath's overall connection with the audience. Come on, man, he's got kids. Really dug the gore finish from Rhino to Je(imm)y? Uso.

Singles Match - Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin: **1/4

 Two really tall guys lumbering about is what I was thinking going into this match. Jack's been around a while, and even held the Heavyweight title, man, what a sad tale of a fall from grace. He does deserve more. Just kind of floating out there. AAAnd the boring chants start really early. It was a pretty slow match, a bit of a burnout after that opener.

  Career vs. Title Match for the IC Title - Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz: ***3/4

 Dolph has been floundering. Oh well, may as well put my career on the line. We obviously have some emotion going on in this match. Either Ziggler wins the title, or he's done with his in-ring. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but Mauro definitely said "two-cunt" at the beginning. Miz is a natural heel. Never should he ever be face again. High stakes abound, a solidified win here by Ziggler could give him a ton of upward momentum. This made the near-falls even better. Miz botched the slingshot power bomb. Twice, but Ziggler's leg selling was on point here. Plenty of my favorite selling too: flippy sellinging (think of a fish out of water)... Dolph is great at those. The mocking of Bryan, the cheating in the ring, Maryse distracting, all of these have added to Miz's character so much as well. Digging it. Crowd really starts getting into it after Dolph kicked out of the slingshot powerbomb. Crowd status: alive. Out comes the hairspray. Shit. Dolph got his foot on the rope, fuck yes. Miz transitions into punches right into Ziggler's bad leg. AHAHAHA Spirit Squad comes out. Kenny Dyktsra and Cena in the same arena, HA! Ziggler clinches the victory in the end with a superkick. Blissful.

Singles Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi: ** 

This was your typical fair between these two. Naomi's energy is great and Alexa is the strongest female character on the roster in my opinion. This wasn't the best, but not the worst. Being that it was a placeholder, last minute match since Becky was hurt, I was fine with it.

Singles Match - Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton: **3/4 This whole storyline has been trippy af. I've actually been enjoying it, but I am getting tired of these two in a program together. Match-wise, it was slow going, but the moves were full of impact. It's important to remember Randy's concussion not too long ago, which will probably mean a bit safer of a match, which is understandable. The match started to die a bit in the middle after Orton had been worn down, headlock city, etc. Hit a decent snooze-fest, I'd say. Wyatt attempted a running senton on Orton, who moved last second, leading to a decently gnarly bump on the stairs. I'm glad they took it outside the ring to get the crowd back into it. In came Harper. FUCK YEAH! Wyatt hits Sister Abigail for the win.
 Harper is back, awesome. Overall, the match wasn't the best, due to it's slowness.

Match Average: *** Grade: B.    

Solid show. Loved opening up with triple threat. It really set a standard for the night, which wasn't quite achieved. Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Legend of Mighty Joe Thunder

A few weeks back on the 6:05 Superpodcast, a wrestler was discussed that I had no prior knowledge of, that being Mighty Joe Thunder. The discussion centered around his debut match and how he came to be in the WWF in 1982 and how he was paired up with Captain Lou Albano. I checked out the History of WWE website and come to find out, Mighty Joe only did two TV tapings in September of 1982. After those tapings, he was gone as quickly as he came in. My curiosity was piqued so I looked up the four matches of his on YouTube and checked them out.

A quick side note, this is the first wrestling review I've written in nearly two years so I might be a bit rusty. Here goes nothing ...

1. Mighty Joe Thunder vs. Steve King (Championship Wrestling 8/7/82)

The ring announcer for this, and all subsequent bouts, is Joe McHugh, who I must admit is incredibly awesome as he's the complete old-school ring announcer package complete with long, drawn out, introductions. Coming to the ring, Thunder has a black fur coat on and an Elvis style hair-do. He grabs poor King in a neck wrench and executes a snap mare and flamboyantly throws King into the corner. Anything that you would usually expect from an early-80s WWF squash match is here. King is entertaining while taking a beating. Thunder finishes this off with a knee drop and jumps on King for the pin like a kid diving onto a wrestling buddy doll.

2. Mighty Joe Thunder vs. Barry Hart (Championship Wrestling 8/14/82)

Barry Hart is the future Barry Horowitz and Thunder looks very awkward from the get-go. Pat Patterson on commentary says that we "haven't seen him go full speed yet". The slow basic offense is about as full speed as it gets I'm afraid. Everything that happened in the previous match, happened here except Thunder got the win via submission after draping Hart over his shoulder for a backbreaker submission.

3. Mighty Joe Thunder vs. Victor Mercado (Championship Wrestling 8/21/82)

The Elvis hair-do is gone in this match, replaced by a slicked-back greaser style hair-do. Mercado rolls out of the ring and Thunder seems at a loss on what to do to Albano just slugs the poor jobber right in the face. Patterson says that he hasn't seen much wrestling ability out of Thunder so far. Nor have I Pat, nor have I. The backbreaker submission finisher returns and Mercado is dispatched in less than two minutes.

4. Mighty Joe Thunder vs. George Rosello (All Star Wrestling 8/21/82)

The final match on the list and this one is from an episode of All Star Wrestling which aired the same day as the previous bout. Joe breaks out some weird uppercuts to the bicep of Rosello while he wrenches the arm at the same time. So far, this has been the worst of the four bouts as Rosello flops around like a dead fish Joe's very limited move set has definitely become stale. Another backbreaker ends this after a horrible knee to the mid-section.

So that's the legend of Mighty Joe Thunder. He came in from nowhere and returned to there just as fast. Watching these was pretty fun as each video was only about 4-5 minutes and it helped me discover a footnote from early-80s WWF. I might have to go find some more obscure stuff like this soon.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Hi there!

Welcome to the Epic Pro Wrestling Adventure!

What is this blog?
This blog is all about the crazy world of professional wrestling. What you will find will mostly be reviews but there may also be some commentary and other things thrown in from time to time. What will be reviewing? Pretty much anything we can come across. From the mainstream to the obscure, we'll cover it here.

Who are you guys?
This blog is authored by two long-time pro wrestling fans, Adam and Geo. We both used to write reviews elsewhere online but left that a few years ago. Now, we're starting fresh. We'll be reviewing stuff from not only our own personal collections, but also things we come across on YouTube, DVDs we get from the local library, and lots of other stuff.

How often will this blog be updated?
Ideally, this blog will be updated every few days. However, we both have full time jobs outside of this blog and families as well. Those take priority over this.

What is the main goal of this blog?
The goal of this blog is to have some fun with the crazy thing known as pro wrestling. If you like and enjoy what you read here, then we've accomplished our mission. There are wrestling reviews in every corner of the internet, mostly using star ratings and play-by-play match review format. We won't be doing that. Sure, we'll talk about what happened in the match, but it won't be on a play-by-play basis. We'll give out star ratings where appropriate, but it won't be all the time, because honestly how fairly can you judge a TV squash match with a star rating?

How do I contact you? Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
Follow us on Twitter @epicprowres ... if you want to drop us a line, use the handy dandy comment box at the top of the page.

Any closing thoughts?
Yes, we're just two long time fans giving our opinions on pro wrestling ... no snark, no star ratings, no preconceived notions ... just some fun.

Get ready ... the adventure is just beginning!